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Microfiber Sport Towel & Travel Towel
  • 2019-07-10


• Sports: gym, yoga, Pilates, jogging, ball games, boxing, water sports, sports non-slip mat, etc.

• Outdoors: camping, hiking, backpacking, golf, fitness, cycling, fishing, hunting, diving, travel, vacation, climbing, tents, beach, pool, beach, work out, outdoor concert, boat, picnic.

• Daily life: bath, spa, garden, hair dry, warm quilt, seat cover, baby, car wash, dry your pet, emergency.


•Wash Pre-use;

•Machine washable(with like colors) and Tumble-dry safe in LOW temperature;

•Suggest air dry;

•NO bleach;

•NO iron;

•NO softener.

Now microfiber material Sport Towel is the most popular sports towel, because of his lots of advantages:

1, water absorption: this product has super absorbent, can wipe dry easily and fast, its ability to absorb water is 8 times more than ordinary absorbent water.

2, clean: its ability to clean is 3 times more than ordinary clean force, making the skin bright and easily to absorb dust and pollution.

3, antibacterial: using PVA special mildew antibacterial treatment, preventing bacterial invasion and reproduction.

4, durable: no cocoons, no bacterial, not dropping hair and can be used repeatedly, its service life is four times than ordinary towels.

5, multi-function: it is not only our everyday items, also is the good helper occupying our home, apply to car cleaning and nursing, glass, high-grade electrical appliances furniture cleaning and pet wipes, etc.

6, elegant: feeling soft and bright color.

7, moderate: fine texture, comfortable and soft, feeling good, effectively preventing scratches delicate surface, leaving no dander.

CTOWEL has been on exercising with microfiber Sport Towel & Travel Towel for this kind of printing technology of the material for many years. logo printing and hemming skill has been very mature.

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